Started on September 24, 2015, Another Chance has given the chance for different adult programs to bring together their clients with special needs to compete in a sport they enjoy. A.C.F.C. showcases an individual's’ “ability” within and the passion of the loved game of basketball. The first meetup was between Another Chance and Dembure. Both companies present adult day programs for clients with developmental disabilities. Somewhere in between 60-80 spectators cheered the teams along with the pom-poms of both sets of cheerleaders. DJ Tabone, known from Atlanta’s trendy venues and 89.3FM, provided a Phillips Arena-style experience of music and scoring sound effects.


Individuals are encouraged to create signs and banners days before the actual event. The game lasts an average of 2 hours and then everyone is served lunch. Afterwards, all cheerleaders and players receive ribbons or metals. The score however, dictates who gets the championship trophy!