FRIDAY JUNE 21, 2019 10:30AM-2PM



It's another celebration of our Late Founder Dr. Mang Ndukwe!!    Groups of 5+ RSVP Here!

Many fun updates will be added to this page as the date comes closer!

This event brings together individuals with disabilities and surrounding areas. In honor of the late founder and C.E.O. Dr. Mang Ndukwe who brought the idea of giving people "another chance" to life. We provide a safe, fun and social environment for our individuals to enjoy a wonderful celebration with the public. Yes, this event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! The event offers complimentary food and water, a DJ conducting the soundtrack, local vendors, free admission and parking, health-related information, free promotional items, performances by individuals and even more surprises!

This event provides convenience and comfort for those with disabilities and welcomes all those that support the disabled community.

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